Sunday, May 15, 2011

eurovision 2011

Hi everyone,
It’s the final of Eurovision tonight (in Australia we have delayed coverage). We LOVE Eurovision, and have made the effort to tune into the two semi-finals this year, along with the final tonight. There are some great songs (costumes and performances are just as important) and its pure fun to watch.

It has been freezing in Melbourne this week, winter arrived with a bang and most days we have been lucky to get over 12 degrees with constant rain. Today was a perfect day to spend the afternoon quilting. I haven’t had the opportunity to get in front of the sewing machine for three weeks so it was bliss. This afternoon I finished piecing this cot quilt, basted it together and started the machine quilting. After fabric selection, my favourite part of the quilting process is that first feel of the quilt sandwich pinned together. For me it’s the first feel of the final product and quite special. I also found time for a sleep in, brunch out, making soup and caught up on a couple of favourite tv shows ... a perfect Sunday really. Hope you’re having a great one.

P.s. I recently discovered the green apple fabric which is a canvas weight from Kokka. I love anything and everything to do with green apples, and was excited to find this in one of my local quilting shops and have plans to use this for the backs of some cushions.

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