About Me

Hi, I'm Amanda and this is where I write about my love of quilting. Thanks for visiting One Green Apple Quilts! After spending the last 12 months reading and following so many amazing quilters blogs I have decided to take the plunge and share my quilting journey. Based in Melbourne, Australia, I am obsessed with fabrics and learning from others. I mainly create quilts for friends and family, but hopefully one day I will be able to turn my obsession into a shop (having 'my shop' on my blog reminds me of the goal!).

Why is my blog called One Green Apple Quilts? Well, my other obsession is green apples. Quite simply I could eat green apples all day long ... by far my favourite food and its a constant challenge to limit to one a day or maybe two if I'm honest.

Thank you for joining me on my One Green Apple Quilting journey.