Saturday, June 25, 2011

scrap quilt update

Its the weekend!! Dont you just love weekends? Time with friends, brunch, market shopping, yummy dinner, hanging out with loved ones, reading the paper (the old fashioned non electronic kind), a clean house. Ticked all of those today AND managed to get in time on my Tiffany quilt. Blocks are 75% finished. Just one more side to add on. It is coming together quick with some concentrated periods of sewing. The many different fabrics keep the sewing process interesting and I'm looking forward to laying out the completed blocks on the floor and seeing the colours come together. Off to start sewing the final strip onto the blocks! Have a good weekend everyone. Amanda.

Tiffany Quilt Blocks Colour Explosion


  1. You've made great progress this week. Looking forward to seeing some more of the fabrics as you keep going - looks like a good mixed selection, really scrappy.

  2. Looking forward to seeing this quilt. Love weekends, today I'm having a nice quiet day at home, working on quilts. I'm making up for yesterday's socialising.